I thought of this poem one day as it was raining, and I decided not to think of the raindrops as tears, or even as glistening droplets, but as raindrops whom nature had doomed to die since before they were even formed. Another of my personal favourites (out of my poetry, that is).
Why make me sad lol?! Love this. Such a small thing magnified. Beautiful!
                                    This was beautifully written, and the poem has an ending that is definitely...very final. I like the almost-rhymes as well(:
U say the most important things in the most succinct way. I love that.
That was amazing! I love the thought of rain how you look at it. Like you said most people see it as tardrops or sadness, but never think of the drops themselves. Great poem! I hope you enter in the atty's for sure!
Even though like you said it is a bit dark and morbid, I feel like that's what this poem really needed to make sense. Amazing talent by the way! Keep on writing!