Sector 1

Sector 1

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Alysha By alysha40025201 Updated Sep 11, 2018

Two sides of the same coin. Two ends of a matchstick. Two people who are very much different from each other, but share at least one thing: Sector 1. When Justin and Tanya meet, will the two meld like milk and melted chocolate, or react like oil and water.

The Sectors are made of 8. The first one being business, but that doesn't mean that all is fair.

Justin is a guy living the good life in Sector 1, but even so, that doesn't mean he enjoys it. 

Tanya is a girl loving something far from the good life, and aside from the obvious sadness that comes with this, she doesn't mind her life.

Even though life is unfair, what world isn't. Things just seem bleak, but nothing horrible. This is until Justin discovers an email. An email that makes him wonder what really is Sector 1?

FYI: The characters will be constantly changing, as well as the writing. This way, I can add in suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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spacethyme spacethyme Nov 08, 2018
                              Most of them used to live in dark, eerie alleyways* 
                              Or most of them were residents of dark, eerie alleyways.
strwbaby strwbaby Sep 11, 2018
Like I was saying in your review, the social structure here is very defined and no middle line. Very similar to Divergent.
Witto150 Witto150 Sep 03, 2018
I think this paragraph may look more powerful if both "One part" sentences were at their own line :-)
                              The beginning of the last sentence is confusing me a bit, but I know what you mean to say :-)
vanshitaTiwari2403 vanshitaTiwari2403 Nov 03, 2018
                              I really liked how you started your chapter. It was really interesting. I felt myself in this world and it is so realistic. I really loved this chapter. Can't wait to see what's next.
MatrixDreamer MatrixDreamer Oct 29, 2018
 #MBC, I love this start to the book where you're introducing the setting! It doesn't feel like you're slapping readers with information,  and it also doesn't feel like you're telling us too less
strwbaby strwbaby Sep 11, 2018
Very interesting, you really know how to keep the reader hooked.