Eternal,Its who I am [ON HOLD]

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Safa By MyThoughtsInWords Updated 3 years ago
    For Savannah Louis going through the streets wasn't easy. You never knew who was on your side and who was against you.
    In her world, it was split into 2;  
    -the good
    -the evil.
    The Eternals and the Denomenators.
    Then there were the Mortals, helpless humans who had no idea what was going on. While the Eternals fought with all there will to protect the Mortals from the Denominators in a very hard time,Savannah finds out after her parents die, that they were the Masters of the Eternal Kingdom and now she has to take over.
    What do you do when the whole world is relying on you but they don't know and they cant find out?
Wow can't wait to know wat happens next and if you don't finish this it's will be the last thing youll ever's a promise;)
I like the plot line so far, very interesting, the only thing I would say is your grammar could use with a check. When you're implying "You are" You use "You're" and "Their" is possession and "They're" Is "They are" and "There" as in place. That's all :) I'll read the rest now :)