Serpents cup   Tom Riddle

Serpents cup Tom Riddle

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Hermione shuddered and felt a numbing and pleasant sensation flood her mind. Though this time it was different. He was more powerful and she was less resistant to the curse. She had known he would pull this eventually. So let him... for now.

Go sit by the fireplace, Hermione heard Tom's voice fill her mind. And she complied. It was like a lucid dream. Like she knew she was no longer in control of her actions, but she allowed herself to be pulled. She lowered herself stiffly into an armchair by the unlit fireplace. He had given her a simple task to test whether or not the curse had successfully worked on her this time.

Tom approached her, unsure whether she was simply faking being under the curse. She had thrown it off the first time he had cast it on her, after all. But he had since practiced and grown more powerful.

He wished he could use Legilimency against her but her mind had been too prepared to try. He still needed to uncover how she came across the cup that had transported her into the past. Her last secret.


15+ mature moments in the book.

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