When It Is Forbidden

When It Is Forbidden

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Imagine having so many rules you have to follow, it's hard to keep track of.  Imagine being ranked lower than a dog in society.  This is what life is like for 15-year-old Layla who live in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.  Join her on her struggles through life and be with her when she goes through her fight for freedom.  Can she find a scrap of love in this new and hateful world?

WARNING: There is controversial material in this that I had not intended when I wrote this at a very young age.  Since then, I have learned more on the subjects and hope that one day I'll be able to re-edit this and change those conflicts.  I am eternally sorry if I offend you in this story.  It was not intentional.

NOTE:  I wrote this story in 2011.  It's kind of my baby because it was the first time I was ever excited about writing a real story.  It's not exactly in the greatest condition.  I hope to edit it at some point!
ALSO, I tried my best with the facts and the Afghan and Muslim culture.  Seeing as I am neither of these, it is impossible for me to represent them perfectly.  If anyone has suggestions or tips, they would be much appreciated!

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meeko228 meeko228 Aug 19, 2012
@xBeautifulSilencex awesome! I hope that I got the facts right...tell me if I get anything wrong! :)
meeko228 meeko228 Oct 17, 2011
@HelpMeWorld oh my goodness.  did you seriously just write that right now???? i was just writing a persuasive piece for school about how my friends laugh at me because i don't know all the inappropriate things they are talking about!  thank you, THANK YOU for commenting!
happy557 happy557 Sep 11, 2011
VOTED! You totally deserve it. this is super cool and I look forwasrd to reading the entire story!
meeko228 meeko228 Mar 10, 2011
ok will do!  I'll try to finish the next section by next week.