Danger Zone

Danger Zone

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Freya By JustAnotherValkyrie Updated Dec 19, 2018

Meet the High Court of Hell's Angels:

The Lords and Ladies: The Intelligence. Dangerous, aloof; their connections to Hell's Angels' Leaders mean they aren't to be messed with.

The Duke and Duchess: The Tech. Violent, uncaring, they hold the title of the favoured; if you want something done, they're the people to talk to.

Prince and Princess: The Royalty. Deadly, calculating; Just below the King and Queen, Assassins, Second in command, devoted to their family. 

The King: The Ruler. Ruthless, evil, cold, murderer; Head of Hell's Angels, controls everything, will not hesitate to torture something out of you.

The Queen: She is Justice. She alone holds the fate of them all. Tread lightly; if you aren't in the High Court, your life means as much to her as a fly.

And if you cross her, pray a swift death be delivered, for if the King reaches you before Death does, he will not be as kind.

Axel Academy is a school for dangerous or troubled youths. Elizabeth has to spend her last term before graduation there.

Luckily, Elizabeth makes some new and unlikely friends. And the most unlikely one, her secret friend, the boy she developed a secret relationship with, Meliodas.

Going through the last term, Elizabeth and Meliodas realised that Brittania needed remodeling, the current way of life was not okay. So, what better way to do it, than to start a gang? Hell's Angels, to be exact.

Life for Elizabeth and Meliodas is about to get Hectic.