GoM Vacation (Generation of Miracles x reader)

GoM Vacation (Generation of Miracles x reader)

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Shincarrot Cha By aoki-sunakyo Updated Apr 12, 2015

The generation of miracles invited you to spend your vacation with them. You agreed to it and off with them you go. How well will it go?

Craziness with the GoM
This is an xreader fanfiction

I don't own Kuroko no Basuke and its characters, just using them for my own use because I love Kuroko no Basuke. I don't own the pictures also, they belong to their respective maker.

Oi! IS THEIR A FEMALE LUV RIVAL!!?!?! * juvia mode activated* WHO IS THIS OTHER FEMALE PLAYER!!!!????
Levi. Stop spreading your clean freak disease. It might kill someone one day.
xEmoBandTrashx xEmoBandTrashx Aug 06, 2016
Lol that's my technique when forcing someone to go with me. I'll be like talking fast, and when they do come, they can't complain that I didn't tell them,
                              Because I did. Hahahah XD
agustdrgn agustdrgn Dec 27, 2016
If anyone didn't understand:
                              'By the way, the captain told us to got to his house this weekend. After the game, we'll all go straight there. Akashi-kun will propose a vacation plan. That's all.' :3
AndyTrancy AndyTrancy Jun 05, 2014
ooh i have found something interesting again. can't wait for the next chapters!