Dedicated to the One who makes me Beautiful. 
    “I praise YOU for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14
    Inspiration for this story is from the song “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon. The chapter titles came from the lyrics of the song. 
    Thanks to BlueVelvetRose for the cover. She does all of my covers. She's awesome!
    So many girls look at the airbrushed models in magazines and the photo-shopped women on videos and television, then look in the mirror and realize they don’t measure up. 
    The reality is that only 1% of the female population fits into that category deemed “beautiful.” 
    This story is a fictional short story based on real events. Hopefully it will inspire readers, male and female, to see themselves for who they are: beautiful creations formed with care by a loving Creator. 
    Story Line:
    Nora was an average girl: brown hair, green eyes, heavier than most though not obese, not terribly tall or too short. She loved singing, acting, and was semi-fluent in French. She had a few really close friends who made her feel special. But something was missing deep inside of her. She wanted one thing: to be seen as more than just an average girl. The love she encounters will take her to a deep level of security, and bring her to a new self-awareness and self-confidence that she's never had before.
    Happy Reading!
Wow, I'm only in chapter 1 and I really think that this is really beautiful in it's own way. I feel like some of us teenagers who don't really talk out our feelings to other people that much knows this pain. I'm in love with the truthfulness of it :)
very sensitively written. straight from many peoples hearts. well done. love
@caffrey1974 That's awesome! I hope to do that with my life as well as my book "A Different Mirror". what's one great verse that helped you discover your beauty?
I love your mission with your book. Keep it up! I can't wait to read :D
I was like this, wanting what others have to be what they are.
                                    But I Learned the long slow way to LOVE ME. And God made ME with Beauty.
                                    Am older now and confident in my doings and choices.
                                    Asking daily to help me to live as he wishes.
You dont need make-up to look beautiful. It people dont like you for who you are, dont try to impress them.