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When Taiyana was first sold at sixteen, she never thought her life would be used for anything more than serving her new master. She had lost all hope in escaping, and eventually succumbed to the knowledge that she was nothing more than a worthless slave.

She had nothing in her future for her.

Or at least she didn't until her home was burnt to the ground, and she was captured by ruthless Vikings.

Secrets will be revealed.

Magic will be descovered.

And love will be in the air.

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ARCase ARCase 20 hours ago
Great descriptions and I am so damn angry! So great job. You invoked my anger and sympathy for her and I want to punch her Mom in the face repeatedly!
hally678 hally678 a day ago
Taiyana appears to be a very selfless and caring character. I love your descriptions so far.
Oh my god.  You are what I called talented!!!  I love this so much
Lol oml lady, snatching up all the sweet deals on your daughter. 10/10 parenting.
                              No point in calling them your kids if you're gonna sell them, that's not how families work, and you're no mother.
LadySapphire2018 LadySapphire2018 5 days ago
Good question. Though I think you want a ?! instead of !? I could be wrong though.
Fireheart109 Fireheart109 6 days ago
Hits 'Add to Library'. This is gonna be good. I can tell.😂