Vampire Boarding School

Vampire Boarding School

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pipix101 By pipix101 Updated Sep 22, 2012

She lives among the shadows where others live in the lights. She's alone by choice, even without realising it. She wishes for love and companionship - until everything gets too real.

Jess lived in a world where she felt safe. Being by herself meant there was nobody left to hurt her. Upon moving to a new boarding school she is kidnapped, and finds that every dark fantasy she ever had may eventually come true, but this does not make them welcome.

This is the story of how Jess must try and survive the Vampire Boarding School.

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apolla_strom76 apolla_strom76 Aug 18, 2017
How rude!
                              Mabye his clothes are stupid 
                              Hmmm didn't think of that ya jerk😡😡😡 !
Sarcasm360 Sarcasm360 Jun 01, 2013
Lol, I started reading this and then "I'm Not a Vampire" came on...  Anyways, I really like this story.  Your grammar and punctuation is a lot better then other stories.
pipix101 pipix101 Sep 21, 2012
@adventurous people often get confused with that, but if you were saying it then it would make sense, but written down looks silly, i think it was just me typing how i would speak :P And thanks for the comment :) I'll be honest i rarely proof read, it's one of my downfalls :P Thanks! :)
pipix101 pipix101 Sep 19, 2012
@howtosaveamanda Please :) I'll be honest my artistic skills go as far as googling an image :P
pipix101 pipix101 Sep 19, 2012
@howtosaveamanda Thanks :) Yeah, i want one designed for me but i don't really know where to get it, and i dont want to get one, not like it, and then be mean ... I sound like such a wimp :P
GodHades GodHades Sep 16, 2012
I really like it even though im not into the vampire thing. Read my book back also.