Entanglement: A Jeremiah Valeska Story

Entanglement: A Jeremiah Valeska Story

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neonaeropostale By neonaeropostale Updated Feb 02

Now that you've ventured into the mind of Jeremiah Valeska, it's time to go even deeper into the psychosis of his wife Lilly who was forced to take on a new identity following his death in order to start over in Gotham. Now as Harleen Quinzel, she graduates from Saint Ignatius as a Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine and becomes popular for her  work at Arkham Asylum. As she rebuilds her life, the scars of her past relationship continue to haunt her, despite her desperate attempts to control it. When Harleen is assigned to a new inmate at Arkham, she begins to wonder if perhaps her husband had survived after all? 

This story will be my take on the mad love story between Harley Quinn and The Joker, with a twist in that they already had history together before they meet in Arkham. 

I highly recommend that you read Labyrinth first! 

*Official sequel to Labyrinth*

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