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The 4th Winchester - Book 1 (Supernatural Fan-Fic)

The 4th Winchester - Book 1 (Supernatural Fan-Fic)

82.9K Reads 2.1K Votes 22 Part Story
T.S Johnson By HopefullyPerfect Completed

"I tapped the number, which was scribbled inside the front cover of the diary, into the phone before hitting call.
After three rings, the person on the opposite side of the line answered. 'Hello?' he spoke, his voice was gruff and intimidating.
'Who is this?' I asked in response, my voice was a little shaky as I tried to comprehend what was happening around me whilst still containing myself.
'You called me, now tell me who you are?' the man demanded; it was like he was trying to scare me, yet failing.
'I'm John Winchester's daughter, and I'd like to speak with my dad please?'
The line went dead, the son of a bitch hung up on me."
First there was Dean and Sam Winchester, then there was Adam; now there's a "new kid on the block". 
Katia Elise Bryant, an 18-year-old, fun-loving, average teenage girl. At least that's what she thought. 
At the age of 6, her mother was murdered in an unknown attack. Since then she's lived with her adoptive parents, never knowing her real dad. 
When Katia's adoptive parents are brutally murdered, Katia finds out more then she bargained for.
(Supernatural Fan-Fiction)

1dxpotter 1dxpotter Jul 09
The moment I read that I was like " yep , she's a Winchester "
queandean queandean Dec 30, 2016
Woah I'm 10 stones which is still fat but 10 hundred? 😂 
                              I just wanna add
                              Definitely Dean's sister lol
Poisoned34 Poisoned34 Nov 17, 2016
My top two fandoms in one story, i all i need is the winter soldier then I'll love u forever
Kylee1104 Kylee1104 Oct 04, 2016
And here we have another Winchester! Our other sister has finally arrived! @NEWTMAS666
- - Mar 08, 2016
You should know Supernatural Season 3 took place in 2007 (story wise), Season 4 and 5 was around also story wise in 2008-2009.
11Piano11 11Piano11 Sep 29, 2016
Left turn... left turn... left turn... oh whats gonna happen next oh look left turn! 
                              "And now a message from our sponors so stay and wait for somemore left turns!!"