Crossing the Line (The Yakuza and the English Teacher series #4 - Spinoff)

Crossing the Line (The Yakuza and the English Teacher series #4 - Spinoff)

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Crossing the Line is a spinoff story for The Yakuza and the English Teacher series, available on Amazon, but can be read as a standalone.

(This is an unedited version)

Brian is unashamedly Bi. Doesn't care about those he takes to bed beyond their usefulness to provide him with the information he needs to close a case - to stop one from opening - a Judge's daughter, the crime boss's son. He worked hard to protect the thin blue line keeping his city safe, but beneath the blue of his uniform, Brian truly was his father's son. Everything he did wasn't for the good of the city, but for the family, keeping his father and his cronies out of jail. Working to make sure his loyalty to the police never doubted, not even as evidence surrounding the cases involving his father's men disappeared.
Everything was as it should be, until He arrived in NZ, chasing on the heels of Brian's best mate, Jamie. A young Yakuza thug who tugged at Brian in ways he desperately wanted to deny, and it only got worse when he allowed himself to indulge in a summer fling. It wasn't as though Kennosuke - Ken - would be hanging around for long and no one needed to know how much closer to that man's life Brian truly lived. He'd have some fun and then Ken would be gone. His life could continue as normal, taking down criminals while orchestrating others release.

The world doesn't work that way, Brian soon found out. His father's determination to connect with foreign gangs utilising the connection his friend Jamie brought, saw Ken comeback into Brian's orbit. He swore he wouldn't go there again. Damn proud of himself when he didn't - for a few weeks at least. But then the deal being orchestrated starts to go pear shaped and Brian finds himself needing to make a choice.

Does he try to maintain his image as a man in blue, a bastion of all that is good in society or does he throw it all away to rescue Ken, knowing that once he gets the man out of the country, he too will never be able to return.

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