Victoria The Vampire ✔ [Completed]

Victoria The Vampire ✔ [Completed]

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Jazz Lim By Iriesa Completed

The unthinkable happens. Vampires and Werewolves becoming allies. Together, they join up to take down their enemy; the morphers, and infiltrate their base, only to find something unexpected working against them

Victoria and Alice, the protagonists in the story, fight to protect a sacred item. They are aided by Hadin, a fellow friend and werewolf as they learn more about the emblem. Along the way, Victoria earns several new skills. The group prepare for an upcoming battle when the morphers sends them a battle message.

*101% full of errors, very unedited*
*Previously known as Vampire - Lesbian Lovers*

Best rank #501
(I forgot when 🙊)
Thanks so much guys!

  • action
  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • death
  • werewolf
Iriesa Iriesa Jan 07, 2015
@jksismylife awww thx for the compliment dear. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment. I'll definitely continue to write more =)
BeguMinki BeguMinki Jan 07, 2015
I think your story is different and beautiful. you should continue to  write book
Tnixon89 Tnixon89 Mar 15, 2014
This seems to be a very interesting story. I love it!!! There were alot of grammatical errors but what author doesn't make them? Just go back and proofread to make the connections.
Iriesa Iriesa Aug 17, 2013
@Flesko thanks for stopping by and reading my work. I hope you\'re enjoying it xD
EmmaLoweBooks EmmaLoweBooks Aug 16, 2013
The title caught my attention. :P I\'m starting to read this tonight. Looking forward to it. Your protagonist certainly seems interesting! Voted. :) <3
Iriesa Iriesa Oct 22, 2012
@GlennStevens the suggestion is appreciated... Thanks for correcting me. First round of editing starts in two weeks, after my next update. I'm mugging for my exams now so imma disappear off the face of this earth for awhile.