I Don't Love Him (A Johnlock AU) *DISCONTINUED*

I Don't Love Him (A Johnlock AU) *DISCONTINUED*

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Destiny plays it's game with the most pliable and vulnerable. After all that he's been through, Sherlock meets a man, and his life changes, apparently for the worst. Everything comes back to him at once, and the long lost emotions pave their way into his life.
   Meeting Sherlock was the most exciting incident in John's life after he retired from the army, and moreover, he moves in with him. He is intrigued by this man, but little does he know that meeting the world's only consulting detective can change his life decisively.
    Both the men have a piece of their life missing, and even if they don't show it, somewhere deep inside their hearts, they're always looking for it. Even though they're quite literally polar opposites, they see themselves in each other. 

Silence can speak volumes, they say, and that proves to be quite true in the case of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who have never met each other before, and yet seem to complete each other.


This book is based on the BBC Sherlock franchise. I do not own the characters in this book, the credit goes to the creators.

 The picture on the cover is NOT made by me, so the credit goes to the creator, however, I have DESIGNED the cover.



With love


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