A Typical Summer (One Direction Fan Fic)

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Brianna By bri0216 Updated 3 years ago
Adalynne James is a small town girl who lives in the middle of nowhere. Her family owns quite a bit of property as they rent out cabins to people who happen to stumble upon their tiny bit of advertising. People pay big bucks to stay out here to just get away from their busy lives. Adalynne does not mind living out here as she does not get too caught up in the world. She isn't disconnected from the world by any means though. Come on it's the 21st century.  She has an Iphone, the internet, television, you name it. She just chooses not to use it as much as other teens. The summer time is the busiest for her family. Celebrities are a common thing at the cabins. They all want one thing, peace and quiet away from the real world. What will happen when One Direction checks into her family's cabins.....Will it be the summer to remember or one she will regret?
How do you find the external link to your polyvore so that we can see what they are wearing?
@bri0216 Thank you so much! That honestly means so much to me :) And you really are a great writer from what I've read so far, gonna read the rest tomorrow :)
This is very original! The plot seems interesting and it's very different from othes :)