Percy Jackson meets...FACEBOOK!!!

Percy Jackson meets...FACEBOOK!!!

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Batman By Nman1234 Updated Mar 11

What happens when Percy Jackson meets his worst opponent yet! The one and only, Facebook!

-I'm not very good at descriptions, so please check it out even if it doesn't sound so good, I would really appreciate it! Please follow me as well! Vote, Comment, and Follow!

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus belongs to the one and only Rick Riordan.

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PercyJOceanGod PercyJOceanGod Oct 23, 2017
Kronos- I only get 1 bar here!
                              Me- teleports him out* Alright, here you go.
                              Kronos- *takes control of the whole internet* MUAHWHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHA
                              Me- what have I done...
1.) How did Kronos get a phone 2.) There's Wi-Fi in Tartarus?
Kronos has no more interest in taking over the world. Bot when he’s discovered the internet.
Born_in_China Born_in_China Dec 19, 2017
You're dead, fluff-butts. 
                              Me? Imma be in hiding!
                              All alone. . .
                              Siri was right, I don't have any online friends 😢
Chrisdubaydelaura Chrisdubaydelaura Nov 24, 2017
Percy:annabeth no one cares about grammer
                              Annabeth:WHAT DID U JUST SAY
                              Percy:-dashes out room-
                              Annabeth:GET BACK HERE
LookingAtMyDreams LookingAtMyDreams Aug 09, 2017
Annabeth has left Facebook to come find you and murder you my Friend