Living After Death

Living After Death

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Jenn By MistressLorescien Updated Aug 01, 2011

Lionel Dawkin is one of the best undead in his line of work: he captures humans for the City Master and brings them back for trade and a leniet form of slavery. But when he is commissioned to capture a group of runaways, all goes viritually flawless... expect for WHO he finds.

Jeremiah and his sister have been running for a bit of time with a larger group of humans... and he never expected to be caught by such an imposing zombie. Dawkin frightens but intrigues him (though the undead man doesn't know it), and he becomes interested. 

But a revolution is in the making. Will anything happen between them, or will the group turn against the zombies, too?

Stockholm syndrome, language, violence, gore, and bromance between a dead guy and a much younger living guy. Possible sexual scenes much later.

Enjoy!  (And ignore my crappy summary; I'm always bad at these...)

BTW, REVIEWS ARE THE ONLY WAY I UPDATE. :3 Thought that needed full caps, cause it's serious. You like this, you comment. You don't care, then whatever. You won't have to read more, cause there won't BE more of it.

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