Against the Wall

Against the Wall

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Nelly By nelinor Completed

Sawyer Dawson ran away from a dangerous home only to be caught a couple months later. She is forced to stay in juvie waiting for a guardian who she doesn't think will come. However, an unknown grandmother does, and pretty soon Sawyer is starting over in a new town. 

She decides to just keep to herself, but that's pretty hard when a certain boy becomes interested and won't leave her alone, no matter what she does. He tries to break through her walls, but Sawyer is determined not to be vulnerable and not to give up her secrets, no matter the cost...

And when Sawyer's dad's past comes back to haunt her, will she be able to come out in one piece?

Plot twist: she's not really her grandma. If that's the case please don't kill me because I've never read this story.
This is actually very well written and I have a feeling I'm gonna love it.
                              I feel so sorry for u😭😭😭
My mom and dad would kill me if I talked like that to my grandma
How does hot water run out it never happened to me and I'm in Florida
I bet something bad is gonna happen that has to do with strawberries later