Betrothed Since Birth

Betrothed Since Birth

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•Mae• By MaesSocietea Updated Aug 30

Beth is a 18 year old girl attending university. She always gets the top of her classes and due to this was moved ahead one school year meaning when her friends were in Year 10 she was getting ready for her prom in Year 11.

Beth has always had an interest in computing. To her, it was an excuse to be playing on her laptop and claim she was 'studying'.

All of a sudden her mother calls her, knowing she is normally in class, although she wasn't at this particular time. Her mother is a very gentle person, however, she was very strict over her schooling. Her mother is startlingly quiet and seemingly worried drilling her about a place named 'Ediravia'.

Confused by her mother's worry, she tries to imagine what could be so wrong with 'Ediravia'. Then she gets told in black and white why her mother asked her not to go to Ediravia: she's betrothed to their prince.

News reporters and students alike gather around her university to witness the confirmation of all their questions; is their to-be marriage true?

Beth still trying to get her around the situation refuses to answer anyone but keeps a smile to the public.

As she arrives in Ediravia, three people manage to catch the eye of the uptight girl:

The Crown Prince, heir to the throne: Aaron Borougham;

The Lord, Aaron's cousin: Aleksandr Borougham;

The Duke, Aaron's older brother: Lukas Borougham.

But wait....

Why isn't Aaron's older brother the heir to the throne? When Beth finds out some of the royals backstory, she also finds out some of her own - something she wished never came true.

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