Pure Belleza

Pure Belleza

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The offspring of Dallas and Drayton Lahey are in their last year of school. Lucas is on a mission to protect his sister from the fuckboys of the world, while being one himself. Max is intent on not letting his parents down with his career choices and the three of them are equally as intent on surviving having Drayton Lahey as their father. 

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Started 27.7.18

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I've found a new love for him😂😂
                              Saw him in 13 reasons and Riverdale since but the love just started 😂😂🤷
Alex-andria98 Alex-andria98 a day ago
I come back after a long  hiatus from wattpad and I get rewarded with such an exciting new book! I look forward to reading it, the QB Bad boy was my favorite!
Abby2944 Abby2944 Nov 12
No they’re not because they had Dallas’s friend be a surrogate and then Dallas ended up getting pregnant herself so they had the twins with her daughter born around the same time
beautyart beautyart Oct 27
I actually didn’t know this was here so I’ve completely forgotten about them from the three books so r they triplets or not
I’m literally crying Tay😭. I just checked on you because it’s the one year anniversary of qb bad boy n me and i just saw this now. Wtfff I didn’t know😭😭😭. And I’m so fûcking happy. U are such an amazing author and keep doing you💓
Pizzza_lover_21 Pizzza_lover_21 3 days ago
I’m listening to xxx right now “can’t keep my d*ck in my pants “