MICHAEL- (The gangsters son). ✔

MICHAEL- (The gangsters son). ✔

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Book one.
All three books can be read as standalone's or together.

Michael was never the popular kid in school, most of the kids thought he was weird because he was so quiet, but as kids, Emily and Michael were inseparable.

Michael's dad was the big boss, he owned businesses and he owned people, he took and owned whatever he wanted.

He didn't approve of his son's sensitive nature, his love for Emily or his love for baking.

Emily didn't know such dangerous people existed; she was used to her over protective parents who kept her away from people like that. 

The fact she kept stumbling upon things she shouldn't have wouldn't help her get into Anthony's good books.

After tragedy struck, Emily began to notice a change in the boy she had grown too close to, and as time passed, she watched as he slowly turned into his dad; and she didn't like it.

When things started coming to a head, she eventually had a big decision to make, one that would impact all of them, even in adulthood.

She decides to leave, but six years later they come face to face once again... and he's about to discover her secret.

The story follows Emily and Michael from kids to adults.

(Thank you to @blacksmithgraphics for the amazing cover and graphics!!)


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