Will You Remember Me?

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Cee Cee Taylor and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were kids. Cee Cee gets sent off to Africa for two years and expects nothing to change when she gets home. The day before she gets on a plane to fly back to the UK, a certain boy band stops by the village she’s staying at. Cee Cee doesn’t know about One Direction, but is excited to see her old friend again. When they get home, Lou wants their relationship to progress to more than just friends, but Cee Cee isn’t so sure about it. Cee Cee's friend, Erik, who she met in Africa, also seems keen on taking their relationship to the next level. Cee Cee must decide between the two boys and fix her family problems as well.
haha tha's a good one "how much can change in two years?" :D
That was really cute!:D Haha my sister reads my stories toox) but she doesnt comment cuz she doent have a wattpad account and shes like 10:)I liked this a lot and will be reading more later! good luck!
@noitcerideno23710 Haha, thanks for the dedication. Wow, I'm impressed, you got a lot of people reading your story.
@noitcerideno23710 <3 you too, and forgive me for saying this: Me? A Directioner? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! :'(
                                    Still love you with all my heart~ (Mind to Mind: Blame it completely on Tumblr dude.)
Ooooo, Louis is jealous? So typical of you sis XD, gotta have some love triangle/angle/problem thingy.. :D Haha, Niall and his stomach...sighs, I would not have understood that if you haven't been spamming my Tumblr d-board with 1D stuff... XD
@noitcerideno23710 Sure....why not sighs. I prob will...just don't get overly "directioning" on me