The Halo Effect

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Alice By BlurryWords Updated 2 years ago
Cassie Parker was always full of life. One night changed everything, she became full of death. Murdered by a person she can’t remember and for reasons she doesn’t know, she uses her dying breath to pray for a chance to catch the person who took her life. 
    She never thought her prayers would be answered.
    She's flung into a world so different from her own. Limbo. 
    All she wants is to find her killer and move on but nothing runs smoothly for Cassie in her quest to reach heaven. Her memory of the day of her death is as clear as mud. The angel-in-training who's supposed to help does nothing but flirt with her. And she finds herself fading away, slowly forgotten. Her parents and friends all carry on with their lives without her and Cassie can do nothing but watch.
this has got to be one of the most beautiful things ive ever read.
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ALl the othewr comments have said everything to be said. This was vivid, brilliant, and gripping.
And so the story begins! :D
                                    I love how it jumps right into the action. It's definitely gripping and interesting, especially with your vivid details. Now that I think of it, I don't think any story has ever described a gruesome death in the victim's point of view like you have.
                                    I dig that. X3
                                    That was an absolutely awesome start. I was captivated and I couldn't stop reading.
                                    I love the pain you put into the chapter and I love how you began. It was just... wow.
                                    I have to keep reading.
Wow. That was absolutely alluring and captivating. Your word play and tone gave me an eerie mood. Like, the descriptive details were just the cherry on top of an excellent first chapter. I like this and the title is just wonderful.