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Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

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Elizabeth By EnchantingWords Updated Oct 28, 2016

"You may now kiss the bride," the priest declares and I turn to face the man in front of me. I force a smile onto my face as he leans in, and try not to upchuck that shot of Tequila I drank in order to go through with this. 
	Coercion, that's how I got to the front of the altar in the old traditional white dress. With over a hundred guests, half which I don't even know their name, staring at us with awe on their faces. An outside wedding, a beautiful ring, everything any girl out there would've wanted, so why am I trying not to empty the contents of my stomach as my new husband's lips connect with mine? I didn't want any of this with him, the conniving blue eyed bastard with a voice that can melt anyone.   
	He forced me. 
	Yep, Roman Ferrar forced me into marrying him by putting the stakes too high for me to deny. He strolled into the hospital room with that damn Armani suit and smirk on his face, making the offer of a lifetime. Well, that was until I figured out what the cost to such a generous offer would be. Unfortunately, it was an offer I could not decline, or should I say he wouldn't let me decline. Putting all types of obstacles in my way, making it impossible for me to even breathe, until I said 'I do'. 
	Now, I'm Ember Ferrar, and I want my freedom. Even if it takes killing my new husband, Till Death Do Us Part, right?

HaLeahMa HaLeahMa Jul 06
I'm dying 
                              AND OH MY GOODNESS, I love that song!!!! We used to sing it to our teacher all the time!
CalvinHarris51 CalvinHarris51 Jan 30, 2016
Love this book already, I was hooked when I read her attitude!!?
AfroKinky AfroKinky Feb 26, 2016
me:OK then I'll make a sandwich
                              him:*smirks* good
                              me:*goes downstairs and make sandwich then slams it on desk*
                              him:*smirks * goes to grab sandwich*
                              me:*grabs sandwich and take bite* It's not for you
CalvinHarris51 CalvinHarris51 Mar 19, 2016
Hmmm I've been thinking. What if Roman screws around with other women to get his sexual tension he has for Ember out of his system because he knows he will never have her
Atheenawolf1122 Atheenawolf1122 Jan 09, 2016
Ooooor I can shove my foot up your ass while I teach you about respect?
annabear01 annabear01 Jul 19, 2014
I never laughed this hard reading a book! This 'couple'made my day! Can't wait for the other chaps.