Season 1 
The grim-reapers are tasked with helping souls reach their final destination once their bodies cease to function. They themselves are in limbo until they have made a decision between heaven or hell. One reaper in particular has lived in this role for longer than any other in history. His name in life was Thomas Bjorn. The angel Remiel and demon Ornias enter into a wager over which side the reaper will choose. The unsuspecting reaper becomes a pawn in a game. Caught between Heaven and Hell the reaper does his best to do what he thinks is right. Which side will he choose? Will he find out about the wager? Will the demon Ornias find a way to cheat the process, and force Thomas to choose to become evil?

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BrianBasham BrianBasham Feb 09, 2015
@christiestratos I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it. This first chapter is more like a prologue of sorts, but it sets up the rest of the story and gives the readers information that the protagonist doesn't know.
BrianBasham BrianBasham Jul 31, 2014
@SamanthaSLK Everything I write seems to take a dark turn at some point. I love the idea of this story, but still not sure what the endgame is going to be for this. I usually go off an outline, but I'm enjoying the characters taking me where they want to go with this one. Thanks for your comment!
SamanthaSLK SamanthaSLK Jul 31, 2014
Like the humour , it really works with the character personalities and lightens the tone. It's a fun storyline so far, I wonder what is going to happen.
BrianBasham BrianBasham Jun 27, 2014
@biscuit_dunker Thank you for reading and commenting! I mostly write in first person pov, but sometimes in the first chapter or prologue I will write 3rd person pov. I try to reserve the 1st person pov for my main character.
biscuit_dunker biscuit_dunker Jun 27, 2014
You really set the scene in that first paragraph, I had a good picture in my head of Thomas Bjorn, it was really good! I like third person pov too, haven't come across many stories that are, so yeah just made me like it more.
CoryCooper9 CoryCooper9 May 07, 2014
::gitty:: angels do not gamble, hey...wonder what happens when they do! Shaping up to be a good one, can't wait to read more!