Bullied by Magcon

Bullied by Magcon

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Ali has never had the definition life of a normal teenage girl.

In her world, there is no normal. 

She gets plopped right into reality. There's no stories about princesses or knights in shining armor. 

In her "fairytale" there's an alcoholic and abusive dad, a poor excuse of a mother, and non-stop bullying. 

Yeah. She's bullied by Magcon, the people that millions are inspired by and spend hours and hours doodling "Mrs.Taylor Caniff" or "Matt&Rachael=love♡♡" in their notebooks.

What happens when she falls in love with one of them?

Will the bruises ever heal?

(( a cameron dallas fanfic))

Heyy boo my names laiba how r u good good oh I'm fine as well thnx for asking look I've gtg I'll reload the chapter and talk to u again bye bye bae 😘 😘
PewMew123 PewMew123 Aug 01
Honestly I'm bullied and I have 2 friends and I self harm every once in a while...
I have a friendship group that r weird af but i love them and im a weird one to so 😂
Omg same I think it's coz of my sarcasm and hatred I spread in the world in my opinion there is way to much sunshine and rainbows even in Britain so back to the story then
lol i have no one tbh. everyone fake asf. my dad gets drunk and nearly abuses me and my mum. my mum is bipolar asf and my little brother is annoying and always tries to take the piss outta me.
                              lol talk about family before friends
stillnotemo stillnotemo Jul 18
I have a guy best friend, who I like, who also has a girlfriend