Bullied by Magcon

Bullied by Magcon

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Ali has never had the definition life of a normal teenage girl.

In her world, there is no normal. 

She gets plopped right into reality. There's no stories about princesses or knights in shining armor. 

In her "fairytale" there's an alcoholic and abusive dad, a poor excuse of a mother, and non-stop bullying. 

Yeah. She's bullied by Magcon, the people that millions are inspired by and spend hours and hours doodling "Mrs.Taylor Caniff" or "Matt&Rachael=love♡♡" in their notebooks.

What happens when she falls in love with one of them?

Will the bruises ever heal?

(( a cameron dallas fanfic))

alien_eden alien_eden Nov 03
Not really, I mean, *whispers* you don't want to be friends with hoes and sluts, right?
alien_eden alien_eden Nov 03
You're only friend will betray you and become one of the sluts?
alien_eden alien_eden Nov 03
Same girl. *white girl's voice* Are we like, you know, twins.
alien_eden alien_eden Nov 03
I mean, I really like it when I have only one friend, because when I have over 1 friend, I have LOTS of fake friends. Because like I said, I'M SURROUNDED BY HOES!
Girl in picture "im so nerdy." *frame is not even in glasses*