The Gang Leader

The Gang Leader

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Carla and Bianca are know as the good girls at school. But what will happen when traveling over  the summer to Mexico with Bianca's  parents? And how will the kids at school react to what happened? Will they be scared or still good girls? Read to find out.

[ Disclaimer: The writing is pretty rough throughout the book since its one of my first stories. But please do give it a try ]

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You would most likely have a connecting flight there are no one ways from there. Most likely connecting to Dallas first.
7th grade? ???? What so that makes  them about 12 years old? ???
Wait 7th grade really? It says she gotta car tho?  I'm seriously so confused rn!
its Matamoros, Mexico. just saying since i have family from there
Hey the girl on the cover is from that book Leaving Amarillo. Lol I have that book.
That's awesome! 7th grades involved with gang. That's kinda cool! I BELIVE!!!!!!!!( I just finished 7th grade)