Heartbreak Season

Heartbreak Season

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"Thanks for the best day ever" I grinned looking up at him as the sky overhead darkened.  

"It was your six year old imagination that did this" He smiled bumping my shoulder.  

"I was amazing" I drawled. 

 "You still are" he murmured quietly looking down at me. 

 Our gazes locked and I felt my heartbeat quicken. Somewhere in the back of my mind I registered that it had begun raining but the other half, which was taking over, only saw him. His gaze moved to my lips and I was frozen as he slowly brought his face to mine. 

Call it what you will but whatever it was, took over.

0Normal_Is_Boring0 0Normal_Is_Boring0 Jul 02, 2016
Why does the coach say Karington if her last name is Lawson?
xinfiniteandbeyondx xinfiniteandbeyondx Jul 03, 2014
@Nico-Bena they've known each other since they were children
Nico-Bena Nico-Bena Jul 03, 2014
Wait I'm confused is she friends with Lucas or did she just bump into him now or is he like a family friend ?
PizzaQueenJessica PizzaQueenJessica Apr 30, 2014
Better the what the year 8s in Australia get called veggies we get frickin called veggies
ConstantSound ConstantSound Dec 03, 2013
I actually think this is kind of funny and I love the spin about how she's Derek and Rashad's sister. There were a few mistakes, as you mentioned you would be, but I think the content is good. :)
xinfiniteandbeyondx xinfiniteandbeyondx Mar 19, 2013
@TheBewitching lol! THANKS ALOT! they honestly are, who wants a boring lead?