Bloody Kisses (Morby Fanfic)

Bloody Kisses (Morby Fanfic)

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~Rigby's Pv~

"Mordecai and Rigby I need you guys to mow the parks grass, trim the bushes, pick up lunch for everyone, and clean the bathrooms. Do you think you guys can do that for me or do I have to get better people for the job?" Asked Benson.

"Pshhh of course we can" says Mordecai.

"Yeah we can Benson" I say.

Benson finished directing everyone else to the jobs as Mordecai and I get up and head to the shed to get out the mowers.

"You want to race to see who can get the most mowed?" Mordecai asked.

"Yes! I'll beat you. How about we make it a bet?" I said feeling confident.

"Sure the loser buys the winner coffee and dinner" says Mordecai.

 "Deal" I said.

"On your mark get set... go!" yelled Mordecai.

The male  took off jogging slightly trying to make sure he was doing a good job bet yet doing more than me. He's so cute when he gets competitive. Oh my god what did I just say. I shake my head and began running with the mower. We raced and raced I felt like my heart was going to...

robalina29 robalina29 Mar 13, 2016
He would realize rigby's handwriting. Plus rigby can't spell he is terrible at it.
IQPrince IQPrince Dec 26, 2015
Mordecai:  Rigby read this!  I think Margret wrote it...
                              Rigby:  yeah...maybe
                              Me:  *facepalms repeatedly*
FellowFemaleDweeb FellowFemaleDweeb Apr 01, 2015
Margaret this,Margaret that!WILL YOU GET IT THREW YOUR SKULL SHE DOESNT LIKE YOU;RIGBY DOES!*glares*Plus it wouldn't work out.
CaptainJakeus CaptainJakeus May 14, 2014
CaptainJakeus CaptainJakeus May 02, 2014
your story is so amazing so far cant wait till i can read moar!
CaptainJakeus CaptainJakeus May 02, 2014
i wuv morby! i love regular show! i love marshal lee! (think you can write about dem next kari?)