Royally Flushed

Royally Flushed

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Kristen Oldham By kristentaylor16 Updated Sep 25, 2018

Malia didn't know what the Prince of England looked like, so she had no idea who she was talking to when she actually met him. 

Malia has known tragedy her entire life. Her boyfriend, Daniel, lost his life on a battlefield of war that she never wanted him on in the first place. And then her mother the year after. 

Left with her stepfather because her real father abandoned her after she was born, she soon begins to realize how cruel of a man he is without her mother there to satiate his temper, taking out his grief on her. 

And then she finally gets her reprieve that she had been waiting for: her aunt Marissa from another country knew about all the terrible things going on in her life and she gave her an option that wasn't presented to her before, to become her legal guardian and take her away from the nasty snake of a man that was her step father. 

Malia jumps at the chance to get away from him and finds herself situated at a nice prep school for the exorbitantly rich and famous in England. Little did she know, though, she was among royalty. 

Enter Louis, the sexy and enigmatic bad boy player of the Wilmington Prep that stumbles into her life without warning, opening her mind to his sarcastic remarks and smart ass ways, she realizes that he's someone she will have to endure if it meant staying in England and as far away from her step father as possible. 

But what happens when the complexities of his royal life interfere into her own, digging into her past and the tragedies that accompany it?

Will she be able to pick up the pieces of her heart or will it forever be royally flushed?

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phiscodivawitch123 phiscodivawitch123 Nov 08, 2018
girl i already love this story and i havent read it yet btw love love love you cover
Goofyface27 Goofyface27 Aug 14, 2018
If you like to read adventure books my friend is writing one called Monday and she's trying to build up her views if you're interested in reading. If not that's ok thank you!!
MaggieSimova MaggieSimova Aug 10, 2018
I like the story but the title, ehh
                              Royally Flushed.. Toilet? Like come on 😂
shamza18 shamza18 Jul 28, 2018
Plus u update it every other day so don't have wait for the nxt chapter for so long so thanks
shamza18 shamza18 Jul 28, 2018
Interesting.. You're books are really different from others with a different perspective & style. Hope u continue this and we enjoy it every day.. Nice cover... ❤️❤️
bamboomoons bamboomoons Jul 23, 2018
I’m sorry for asking this, but how often do u post a new chapter for this story because it literally kills me to not read on. I check every day to see if you added anything new to this story