The Compromise

The Compromise

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Aastha By aastha2509 Updated Feb 01

"Mr.Kapoor stop..." , Priya said

"What should I stop Priya? Specify please?"  Ram said with a lopsided smile playing on his lips

Priya hesitated to answer, she was blushing to the core she hoped that she could have been able to run away from the place...

But god's grace she was caged between his arms and bonus..! pinned to the wall...

"Answer Priya..."

She looked up to him to give an answer... only to realize that he was looking more charming and handsome... she wondered was it because of the proximity between them or was it because she has fallen in love with him...

She some how pushed away the thoughts whirling in her mind and answered...
"You have to stop using these tricks to make me nervous and convince Mr.Kapoor... it won't melt my heart... okay?" She said confidently.

Hey pals so those who know these characters are most humbly welcomed... This story would have the spice of original balh script and a bit tinge from my side....

A typical story of two people... falling in love head over heels for each other... old school type romance, enormous trust, funny arguments, rage issues and much more...

don't forget to vote and comment 😉❤

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