The Angel Child (Night Soldier Trilogy: Book 1)

The Angel Child (Night Soldier Trilogy: Book 1)

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Adele Auslander has always known that she was adopted, and growing up in a family that wasn’t entirely her own, had always made her feel…different. 

But what if one day, you found out that everything as you know it, was a lie?

Sucked into a world new world and a life that Adele could never dream of, she must discover her true past and her family; and learn the truth about an ancient prophecy that has chosen her from birth. Meeting new people, learning a new way of life and training herself for battle, Adele must choose between two world and two different lives…and what about the confusing feelings she’s having towards her best friend, William? 

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SquishyJelly SquishyJelly Oct 25, 2010
omg, I have the exact same birthmark no lie i SWEAR (I, know i shouldn't swear) but yeah I have my angel wings birthmark near my shoulders just below my neck on my back , but there fading now, so its kindof hard to see :'(. but anyways luv ur story so keep up the good work :D