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Megha Alcorn By MeghaAlcorn Updated Jul 31

You're someone who just wants to know a little bit more about the living world around you or your green neighborhood, plants. Good news . . . this book is your oyster! Read it at your leisure, starting with whatever topic fascinates you most. I include several examples of how biology impacts everyday life to help keep your interest piqued.

If biology is the study of life and life is so complex, then you may be wondering where to even begin in your study of biology. Never fear. This part breaks down the all-encompassing field of biology into smaller, more palatable chunks.

First, we take a look at the living world and then explain exactly how biology is studied (hint: the scientific method is a huge part of it). Next, we give you a review of the types of molecules that are important to a cell's functioning (yes, this means delving into some basic chemistry; sorry!).

 Then we spotlight the most basic unit of life - the cell. Every organism, whether it's a human, a dog, a flower, a strep throat bacterium, or an amoeba, has at least one cell (most actually have millions). Finally, because cells need energy to function, we explain just where that energy comes from.

Biology is the study of living things - how they reproduce, how they change and respond to the environment, and how they obtain the energy and matter they need to grow. One goal of this part is to immerse you in the world of biology so you can understand how biologists go about studying living things and know what chemical components make up all forms of life.

Living things with many cells, like you, are made up of organ systems, organs, tissues, and cells. Cells are the smallest entities that show all the properties of life, so that's where we begin zeroing in on things. The other goal of this part is to acquaint you with the structure of cells and how they obtain the energy they need to function.

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