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Where My Demons Hide (Twilight Fanfic)

Where My Demons Hide (Twilight Fanfic)

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Mackenzie By TimeLady96 Updated May 26

Amelia Duchannes, a 17 year old teen who is anything but normal.  The day She was born she was put on the footsteps of an orphanage in a small town in Georgia.. As she started getting older Lena started to notice she was different. Amelia could do things that other kids at the orphanage could not do, like read minds and see the future. Everybody soon started to outcast Lena leaving her to be an outcast. On her tenth birthday she was adopted by a gay couple who fell in love with her and knew nothing of her powers, and she wanted to keep it that way. Over seven years has past since she was adopted and her powers are progressing. She and her adopted dads are moving to a small town, Forks, Washington.  That's were everything changes.
Edward Cullen 107 year  old vampire. Fell in love with human and now the human is falling in love with a shapshiffter. Edward thinks he will never find his mate, that is until he meets Amelia Duchannes. 
Problems arise,  fights start, and Crazy things start to happen to Lena. Will Amelia find out what she is? Will Edward and Amelia find ever lasting love?

Also when I first heard the town was called forks I said oh that's nice they better have alot of forks😂😂😂
I have photographic memory, I can see something close my eyes and I see the exact same thing.
Saw this and literally screamed ,"HARRY POTTER REFRENCE! MRS. NORRIS WAS A HUMAN!" Needless to say my family had a rude awakening… opps.
Mitchell and Cameron 😂 @estheralvarezzz 'ginger hair' btw don't ask why I'm reading this book I was bored
After the battle of hogwarts, she left and became a human who then became a caretaker lol
ThatOreoIsMine ThatOreoIsMine Nov 28, 2016
AHH!! MRS. NORRIS!! THE CAT IN HARRY POTTER YES!!!!!!! Ily author forever