Emo Boyfriend Stories FOR YOU!!!!

Emo Boyfriend Stories FOR YOU!!!!

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Kate Haupt By NeverNeverLostGirl Updated Aug 18, 2014

  Jake is your best friend from the start.

  Your parents had intruded you to him. When you were only 2 and became best friends from the start.

   Your pov (high school 11th)

  So you and Jake were talking and he was like "(Y/N) there is a girl I like for you to meet." Your heart had shattered because you had loved since you were 7. He walks you over to the popular table and says "(Y/N) this is Grace. Grace this (Y/N)" And you smile and say"I'm gonna go to the music room." "Okay, you have a nice time now." Grace says sarcasticaly.  You go to you locker get your earbuds and go to the music room and Mrs. Vonkanel greets you and says "(Y/N) your free to go to the back room." You smile and nod. 

  (The next day)

  You go to English and start to seat next to Jake like you always do. But, then Grace takes your seat "Ummmm... Grace I seat next to Jake everyday." "Sorry, but your not his boyfriend are you." "Oh and you I forgot to show you something." And the teacher walks in and you flip...