Rejected by my Abusive Alpha Mate

Rejected by my Abusive Alpha Mate

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Victoria By wolfspirit0911 Updated Mar 04

Sapphire, a young pagan girl who's also psychic. She worked among a werewolf pack that is known for being ruthless and merciless.

The Alpha of that pack, Ronan, was the main source of the reason why the pack got that reputation. He abused anyone who didn't take his side on decisions. One being his mate who he refuses to accepts, Sapphire.

Once Sapphire got of age to get a mate, even though she is not a werewolf herself. She never agreed with him on how he treated the pack since she was the one that assisted in healing the wounded pack member due to him.

One day, Ronan got fed up with it. He said the words, no mate would ever want to hear.

"I, Ronan Jameson, reject you, Sapphire Masters, from being my mate."

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