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lucky strike  ☹ fem!larry [complete]

lucky strike ☹ fem!larry [complete]

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kez By tommoandbambi Completed

[fem!larry ; completed] 

Harry nearly chokes when she realizes that Louis is wearing a crop top. A striped little thing that showcases the small swell of her breasts and her flat and -overwhelmingly aesthetically pleasing- stomach.  She's also wearing a choker. Which. You know. Is fine. Harry is fine. Harry is totally fine and semi-exclusive with Nick Grimshaw -who is intensely fit and also a lad that Harry has had a crush on for literal years- and she is totally, not at all attracted to the semi-punk rock girl that broke her phone. 

That doesn't mean that she can't try to be mates with her, though. And that's what she will do. Half of her kind of wants to prove Louis wrong, that she is more than a 'smart, pretty type' of person that doesn't associate with 'punk rock slackers' like her. They are totally a good fit to be good mates, Harry is sure of it.  She also kind of wants to have a little bit more of a peek into the alluring enigma that is Louis Tomlinson, but that's something that only Harry and her cat has to know. 

((aka: the fem!larry punk rock/flower child au that no one asked for but i decided to write anyways.))

1dluvhllnz 1dluvhllnz Dec 09, 2016
The dedication OMG so cute!!!!!😭😭😭💕💕💗💟❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼
LitalBiton LitalBiton Feb 20
With you she should say! You're on a freaking date louis😂👌🏻
Aaaah i always imagine louis as a girl with short hair... so I think I gonna think like this. And Harry with curly brown hair, just little bit longer! Always work xD
LitalBiton LitalBiton Feb 21
So she is asexual? I love how this fic talks about different types of sexualities. most people probably dont even know that this exist! Really cool story:)
LitalBiton LitalBiton Feb 21
I love how long this chapter is! I hope they are all this long^^
Fetus_Larry_ Fetus_Larry_ Feb 11, 2016
Was your goal to make me gag from your cuteness? 
                              Be cause if so, job well done. 
                              I gagged. And then I threw up. 
                              I am throwing up rainbows.