The Sacred Mirror

The Sacred Mirror

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Ben Midland By Ben-Midland Updated Feb 22, 2015


WILLIAM J SANDWELL, a wellknown U.S. professor of Shinto, working on a leading university in Tokyo, Japan was interrupted from his workafter a Shinto priest commits ritual suicide after Japan's most important and sacred relic, the mythical mirror YATA NO KAGAMI was stolen. A police inspector accuses him to be involved in this case of harakiri. 

A local state organization, The Imperial Household Agency, also known as KUNAICHO among other tasks charged with the preservation of Imperial tombs, shrines and burial mounds confronts William Sandwell with his involvement with the suicide and the theft. 

This mirror symbolizes the presence of the sun goddess of the Imperial shrine. Regarding ancient chronicles, the KOJIKI and NIHON-SHOKI, the mirror was a gift to her grandson JIMMU TENNO, the first emperor of Japan.

The Kunaicho forces William Sandwell to start a quest for the mirror before the ceremonies of transfer to a new sanctuary, Shikinen Sengu are taken place. He...

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