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Underestimated Alpha

Underestimated Alpha

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books_n_boots By books_n_boots Completed

I was soon deemed an Omega, diminishing hope of our pack having an Alpha female. My father had things under control but he is getting old and wishes to retire. Cale will soon be Alpha. I'll live with my brothers in the Alpha section of our hidden underground mountain pack headquarters. I'll just wait to find my Mate and live an under-privileged Omega life. I'll be in love and take care of pups whose parents are away on pack trips. I'll stay in the mountain living a sheltered life.   How I would kill to be an Alpha.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ashlyn was born into a pack of werewolves. It just so happens that her family is made of Alphas and a Beta. Until she came. She's an Omega. One that is rubbed raw when she has to obey orders- and that's just not natural.  
{I wrote this forever ago, I can tell you right now it embarrasses me}
{very childish lol}
{randomly fixing things but it seems like a lost cause}

I like your book so far. I hope you continue to keep writing the novel.
AlwaysCrawlingIvy AlwaysCrawlingIvy Feb 11, 2016
Ummm, I'm on a device and i can't read the full title, could you tell me what it says?
MavolynKoh MavolynKoh Mar 11, 2015
I wonder if I am a sadist or machist XD I love omega stories, but cries in them
- - Feb 21, 2015
wait then how did they- you know what I'm not even gonna ask I'm gonna pretend I'm watching spongebob where they're at the beach under water
charisma495_1D4ev charisma495_1D4ev Nov 14, 2014
amazayn  story ugh stupid autocorrect  but totaly fantabulous
deandrist deandrist Oct 15, 2014
really good so far and even if it wasn't just the fact that my name Is Amberlee would have kept me reading .lol