As Cliché As It Sounds.

As Cliché As It Sounds.

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Vee_ By TheLazyishWriter Updated Sep 10

"You both are meant to be." The old man said. "What? Him and I. No! No! something has to be mistaken" I said denying him completely. "Yes, she is right. I'm too good for her." The Devil said with a serious look. "EXCUSE ME!! I am way too good for you instead." I huffed. 


Meet Audrey, a normal, at times naive girl with good grades, good manners someone who had always dreamt of her Prince Charming and having a 'Happily Ever After'.

Now meet the handsome Ryder the typical arrogant bad boy. Gets everything that he wants. Popular with the girls, like to stay at the top of everything.


The story starts as a cliché love story but it will soon change as some dark secrets reveal itself which may break Audrey's normal life apart. With secrets being unfolded and Ryder's constant fight with her, will she find her 'Happily Ever After' in all these messes?

And like every author says- Read to find out. 

Cover by @FloraWrites❤
Started 12 August 2018

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If ever I'll have a boyfriend, I want someone like this man. 😍😍😍
ocean__official ocean__official 7 days ago
Hah!—I’m literally as hard as a rock to my brothers lolol
Suhoeslynn Suhoeslynn Sep 14
My relationship with sleep is equivalent to a marriage of 300 years :)
A_Moore99 A_Moore99 Sep 13
All of your characters so far are fleshed well - that's important to make then seem real! I can't wait to keep reading about Audrey. ^^
royalzar royalzar Sep 10
^^at least it's just your brother. This is 4 of my younger siblings