The Military Student

The Military Student

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Jade Arnett promised herself to spend a year in Longwood pre-military school; she happens to be the only girl in the school. Just to make things better, her roommate is James David Maguire, the school's rebellion. 

She is not going to try to tame him, or get on his good side. She is just going to try to survive this year without James killing her. He, after all, has anger management issues. But Jade likes to believe that he is just jealous of her, it helps her sleep at night.

Jade is able to penetrate through James's shell and figure out his (cliche) background story. She didn't ask for it, it just happened. Okay, so maybe she asked but if anyone asks she's blaming her aunt and her weird cats. 

(Horrible ending, I might end up changing it because I feel bad. Lack of editing, and a lot of mistakes. You have been warned)

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sweer6 sweer6 Jan 02
But it look like a good sotry 💕..story i will like it..but not like the ending
sweer6 sweer6 Jan 02
I see what you write about its a horrible ending thanks  not reading it
                               , because i hate the sad ending
useblue useblue Jul 01, 2016
Awww man... i thought she has long hair... that would be cooler...
nyliaj4201 nyliaj4201 Sep 21, 2014
it it the absolute WORST feeling in the world. Trust me, I know...