A Cruel Husband

A Cruel Husband

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Ynna By IamYoungLady Completed


(PLAYBOY SERIES #1- Mark Salvacion Story)

What would you do if your husband is ignoring you? Or he even hurts you? Maybe not physically but emotionally. You're falling to pieces. You even lost yourself. You don't know where to start anymore. Will you just accept all of those? What if your bestfriend is the reason behind it? But the worst thing is you can't even feel anger towards her because she is the only person you can lean on to.

Love, love, love - That's the only thing Charity can say. It doesn't matter even if his husband is hurting her, the important is he doesn't leave her. For her, her husband is her life. She would rather die than to lose him.

But what if she gets tired? What if she give up? What if, the love is already conquered by too much anger? Will she just let her love be conquered? Most specially when the person he used to loved before, realized that he love her?

  • arrangemarriage
  • cruelty
  • drama
  • husband
  • wife
pulang_laso pulang_laso Apr 28, 2016
Yeaaaahhh! Sometimes it's not necessary to get revenge! I'm loving this!
lhovelhyjhoy lhovelhyjhoy Sep 25, 2016
V m    .         vboovocc    kbblb njnjvvvv b mlpoooloo!n m . ?.
                              Mm  😡 😬   
iam_ytirahc iam_ytirahc Feb 20, 2017
Nakakagulat naman ito. Prologue pa lang name ko na agad 😂
iamharia iamharia Nov 25, 2015
i find the story's plot good but not sure about how the author expresses it...nakakadisrtact ang mga grammatically wrong na sentences or wrong usage of past and present tense..no offense meant..just want to help(;
KwonYehet KwonYehet Oct 25, 2015
Bagay lang sayo yan Mark! Kulang pa yan sa mga kasalanang nagawa mo sa pagreport-report ng Accounts ko. Hehez.
kimberlyykaye kimberlyykaye Jun 17, 2015
Really want to read the story, but the two different languages is confusing me. Am I missing part of the story or....?