Being Bullied by Team Crafted

Being Bullied by Team Crafted

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Kuroko By KatieGaming Updated Oct 06, 2015

Starts out with a simple girl with a simple life. Everything goes fine until high school. As she walks in the school doors, she sees oddly familiar figures there. And that is when Katie starts to get bullied. 



MarleeTheHooman MarleeTheHooman Apr 04, 2016
Hey Adam, did you try to move 'yo fat ass body but almost got a heart attack?! (No hate towards Adam, he's awesome it's just that I hate bullying)
GoldenNekoYT GoldenNekoYT Dec 08, 2016
I be like uhh 🙄 mother DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT MINECON IS! My mom does cuz I beg her every year to get tickets
MorganLOVEAphmau MorganLOVEAphmau Jun 20, 2016
I would be like 
                              "but im way smaller than you so if your calling me fat look in the mirror" 
                              Random person: BUUUUURN
EmeraldBlooms EmeraldBlooms Jun 20, 2016
They are now the number one on my hit list *grabs me chainsaw* Watch out!
literallykailey literallykailey Nov 05, 2015
I was gunna say, "how immature *rolls eyes but secretly giggles*" but when I typed 'but secretly' it auto corrected to butt sex, god help me.
BeccaSlays BeccaSlays Oct 27, 2015
I don't watch tc I watch the cube soo of I was bullied by the cube I would be hurt mentally and physically I would die because their my idols