Carter Brothers: Dane

Carter Brothers: Dane

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[Book 1 of the Carter Brother Series *Can be read separately*] Rated R novel so please ensure you are of appropriate maturity (recommended age for reading is 18+). 
Dane Carter is the youngest of the Carter brothers and at 18 he's only got a few more months until he finishes high school and inherits his family's legacy of BDSM clubs. 
Good thing he's already found his soul-mate then! Only he hadn't expected her to be ready for his kind of lifestyle before. However now, catching her reading a raunchy book-he's ready to claim what's his. And he won't stop until she's stripped, tied up and screaming in pleasure for him. 

With a jealous cheerleader adamant that Dane should be hers, Emery may be faced with the tough task of the one to fight for her mate.

*1st Draft Edit-if you spot any grammar/spelling mistakes you believe, I would greatly appreciate any informative comments about it.*

Cover credit: Fan-made cover by the generous and talented @Crystal_Jimenez ! (Isn't it amazing!)

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Ummmm this story have all my attention can't wait to read it
I love that you came up with a sophisticated backstory. Although clearly fictional, it’s great reasoning and I love how you’ve described it.
Anisthesia Anisthesia Mar 31
So wait they are all created by incest? I'm a little lost but I'll read on a figure it out as I go I guess.
xxPattossxx xxPattossxx Aug 26
incest was necessary so you little whiny brats could be here ffs
FeelingFail FeelingFail Dec 10
Wow... I'm intrigued... But I'm scared if I end up reading it I'll be so hooked like some of the peeps above... Reading and rereading and rereading...
blxzinlirry blxzinlirry Sep 06
can't even remember how many times I've reread this book but HERE I GO AGAIN