Caught In the Storm

Caught In the Storm

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She tried to hold her clothes as well as her dupatta."Ya Allah" She gave a little shiver as the wind flicked at her bare neck. Her heart wasn't at ease as she felt a tingle ran in her whole body

Neither was she afraid of this gust nor was she worried. Just wanted to feel this storm that caused shiver running  through her every flesh and blood extending her both arms , raising her her head ,shedding tiny drop of tears

But little did she know she just extended her arms for storm to touch  not only her body but also her heart as well


His another hand held on her waist. He started placing kisses that trailed up to her ear. He lightly bit her earlobe

And the next thing she knew she was regretted. She started to back away

"No, it's wrong"

He huffed and told her "No, It's not " pulling his hair as if he had tried to clear his mind

Taking a long breath he moved forward "Forget him"

Now her dupatta was on the ground. She didn't even realize  when it happened. She felt naked but she cared less

"You are telling me to forget my Husband!" she shouted at the top of her lung

"Your husband? No" he shouted back

He lifted her face by holding her chin
He wiped her remaining tears by his another hand

After placing a kiss on her forehead he told her softly "Forget him, Ya Omri"

Now she was looking at his eyes. This time she didn't move her gaze. This word. This loving word was repeating in her mind

That was it. She couldn't hold herself back. She couldn't back away.This time she decided for once to go with the flaws.Well to her it was a flaw


She was like a forbidden fruit. Nobody should be nearer to her. But he dared! He dared have a bite of it

One was closer to Allah and another was lost in this cruel world

This is a journey of passion, love, hatred, betrayal and pain.To know more join Ahnab & Shireen's journey "Caught in the Storm"

###Read till Chapter 16 to know the story. I can assure you that you will like it.

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