Around Here

Around Here

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G (READ PERFECTION!) By squirrelg Updated Nov 26, 2018

A notorious criminal's psychopathic clone, a space patroller who has no idea about Earth, a very confused scholar from another corner of the galaxy... They're looking for jobs in Australia, as aliens do. Obviously. 

After saving Earth from a mass-extinction event, alien siblings Renya, Olasa and K are tasked with subtly overseeing the recovery of the planet. "Subtly" being the key word. They need to blend in with the human population so they don't break the law of cross-planetary interference again, but where do they even begin?

Join them on a hilarious and heart-warming journey of settling around here.

[A drama-comedy spinoff of Before Noon. Can be read as a stand-alone without Before Noon knowledge. Slow updates]

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