In The Alpha's Basement

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ScarletFrost By ScarletFrost Updated 2 years ago
Raven was just a young girl when the unthinkable happened. There she was, sitting on a rock in the sunny forest, when she heard some noises. It was a man, a stranger, who said all he wanted to do was "talk." He lied. He wanted so much more. She was kept in his basement, and tortured every single day. She lost all hope of being free, like she once was. Days progressed, and Raven noticed certain things happening, things that didn't make an inch of sense. Follow Raven through her journey, where she learns who the man really is, and why he actually captured her.
Well of course they can't do anything.. He's there Alpha .. He could have commanded them to stay away from the basement & not to help her.. #JustSaying
If she is an alpha's mate whydoesent she just use her Luna voice to command him to stay away from her.
@Jessie_Baby That's what I said! :3 But thanks for voting on Chapter 20 of this or I wouldn't have come across this story. It's the beeze neeze, I swears.
Spelling error: "You know when your growing up..."
                                    It's supposed to be you're, "you are." :)
                                    Other than that, adding this to my library because man, am I already getting sucked right in! Definitely deserves more votes and reads. <3
I don't understand why he is treating her like rubbish but i'm gonna continue to read to know more.
This sounds really good! You just spelled comfortable wrong :)