one hundred beats per minute

one hundred beats per minute

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savie By catchingcosmos Updated Aug 13, 2018

a bruised but not broken girl named lee's story intertwines with an angsty but charismatic boy named finn's story. 

lee is a compassionate and profound young girl with big plans. she sees the goodness in the world and does everything she can to make other people happy. her life is wonderful except for the perpetual sadness in her eyes and her mind's habit of sometimes going to a deep, dark place. 
finn is impulsive and reckless, but has a knack for physics and math. he's smart but has a tendency to not think about consequences. he's had to grow up fast because of his sister's illness, which has changed the way he lives his life. he's a realist. 

one thing that lee and finn have in common is the strange effect they have on each other. they make each other nervous, they make each other's heartbeats quicken to incomprehensible speeds, and they're not quite sure why.

advisory: contains explicit language, consumption of drugs and alcohol, mature themes, and some sexual content.  
trigger warning: this story will contain major themes of mental illness (depression and anxiety), suicide, and self harm.