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Out Of All Boys, I HAVE TO LIVE WITH JEON JUNGKOOK?! (completed)

Out Of All Boys, I HAVE TO LIVE WITH JEON JUNGKOOK?! (completed)

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bangtan trash By ballisticchild Completed

[ Hey readers :) This is the first book of the series, I hope you enjoy and read on to book 2! ]

The School of Arts is a very prestigious school, that educates children from the age of 5 to 18...Indeed, it is a BIG school. With that also a very talented school in all subjects focusing mainly on sports, singing and dancing. Though of course studies were important as well.

Every year, many students are enrolled into this school. Who all have the same dream....that is to become famous. 

In class 11A, you have the year presidents.... Jeon Jungkook and Lee Eunbi. These two students are well known around the school for their talents in both sport & music, and their academics.

Oh, and looks don't forget their looks...


"Jungkook! I'm going to beat you AGAIN." 

"Give your hopes up already Eunbi, this time it's my turn to shine." 

Eunbi scoffed at Jungkook's retort and kept running making sure she wasn't behind Jungkook. As for Jungkook he did the same, made sure she wasn't in front. 

So what am reading is (No smuts)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              Just kidding I sorta skip them but I know they were all 😫😫😰😰
yoonjm yoonjm Apr 02
Lee Eunbi as in Who Are You School 2015?? So it's Kookie and Kim Sohyun? 😍😍
_thirsTAE_ _thirsTAE_ Apr 22
The War of Hormone for the *cough cough* 20 year old golden baby boy
jeonsass jeonsass Mar 25
@fangirlkook etar cover ta eto baje, ami publicly 'issss' out loud bolsi
Blinkook Blinkook Mar 20
How come in Jungkook ffs the girl always has the surname Lee?
I read 'Mr. K' and immediately thought 'Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?'